Pro-diem, inc.

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PRO-DIEM, INC is the key to maximizing your return making your deductions Audit Proof!

Due to additional IRS scrutiny, we are encouraging our clients to use Pro-Diem. It can save you several hundred to thousands of $$'s of legal deduction with little effort on your part. It also provides a full report of your allowable expenses.

Pro-Diem uses a sophisticated computer program to:

  • Calculate your maximum allowed meals and incidental expenses
  • Provide a detailed report indicating leg by leg exact number amount to claim on your taxes
  • Offer audit report free! They believe their system is audit proof
  • Over 15 years of expertise specializing in Per-Diem rules & calculations

They know each of the different airline issues and guarantees that your report is correct. They understand time conversions between:

  • Local and Zulu daylight savings time
  • Date and issues and flight rules
  • Training issues
  • Rules regarding ground times and layovers

Proper record keeping today will save a lot of aggravation later.
Please click on the link above to sign up with Pro-Diem, Inc. today!